Sunday, October 21, 2007

Green leaves, Yellow diamonds, on Brown

Here's yet another from my collection of autumn-themed ties. I consider any tie depicting leaves to be autumn-themed. Which isn't to say that I NEVER wear one of these ties at other times of the year, but I make a point of wearing as many of them as I can during this time of year.

In this case we have only slightly stylized leaves drawn in white in little green circles also outlined in white scattered about the tie. Complementing them are yellow concentric diamond shapes, with paler yellow inside. All of the above on a deep, rich brown background, replete with a circular swirling background brocade pattern woven into the fabric of the tie.

Note the abrupt line and color demarcation on the small end of the tie. The same thing occurs further up the large end, but there wasn't space to show this transition in the scan, and still show the tie all the way to the end. This color change is typical of several of the vintage ties I've posted, having the obvious intended effect of making the knot appear all in green to match the circled leaves, rather than appearing in the tie's primary brown color.

Interestingly, the tie has two extant labels (I love that word, "extant," which means surviving or remaining, still in existence, and I can't resist using it to describe vintage tie labels, which often do NOT survive), but both of the labels are manufacturer labels, rather than one being the seller's label, as is more customary. The labels read as follows:
Since 1873

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