Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Vintage Tie: Boxes with Feet

This is certainly an interesting tie! Splattered down the face of the tie flow a sprinkling of little tiny boxes, or squares, in a winding, curving path, kind of like a stream, or mayhap the Milky Way.

But that's not the most interesting part. Some of these little shapes have been captured inside larger squares, and these squares appear to have dancing feet on them. Very odd, indeed!

The tie also has one of those wonderful brocades woven into the fabric. Probably not very visible on the scan, unfortunately. The brocade takes the form of branching, curving vines with elaborate leaves growing on them.

The tie has two labels. The manufacturer's label reads:

Made in U.S.A.

The seller's label is a bit hard to decipher, using an elaborate cursive font, but it appears to say:

Williamsport, Pa.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


This lovely tie sports a series of geometric designs on top of a very deep navy blue background. It's so dark that it's difficult to determine if it's black vs. blue, but under a bright light, it appears to me more navy than black.

The design comes in three distinct groupings. From the top down, first we get a series of red rectangles, each of which has a smaller black rectangle embedded inside it. These alternate in a checkerboard pattern with squares that are filled in with short lines running at a 45 degree angle to the up and down of the tie.

The second section of the tie is just filled in with 45 degree angle lines in rows, running in opposing directions in each subsequent row, creating a zigzag pattern.

Finally, nearest the bottom we have white rectangles on the navy background. Each white rectangle has a tiny rectangle the same color as the background bitten out of the right face, just above the bottom face.

So essentially, lots of nice regularly spaced geometric patterns, but because of the variations between sections of the tie, creating an overall impression of freedom within organized constraints.

The tie has two labels, visible if not entirely legible, in the scan. The manufacturer's label reads

Reg, U.S. Pat. Off.

The seller's label reads:

Since 1891
Tiftonville, Tenn.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Circles and Rings

Here's a gorgeous 1940's exemplar, replete with a beautiful brocade, woven into the fabric. The brocade pattern is more visible on the secondary portions of the tie, the small end, and the other part that is folded back.

The pattern on the tie itself could be described as a combination of circles and rings against a rich brick brown color with sparse white polka dots.

The tie has no labels to transcribe, so there you have it, in a nutshell. Until next time, enjoy!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Blue with Red and White Geometrics

It's hard to believe I last posted a new tie back in September. I've been way too busy during the Christmas season to even think about scanning and posting any ties, but September? That's many moons ago. Oh well. We do what we can.

Here's another fairly ordinary workaday tie from the forties. Solid navy blue background with red diamonds in a diamond shaped pattern, plus more diamonds outlined in white. The fabric is silk, according to the label (visible in the scan), but the tie has no fancy brocade imbedded in the fabric. No, what you see is pretty much what you get.

I have more ties to post, so I hope I can find time to do so a little more regularly this year, but only time will tell.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to anyone reading this blog! And to anyone who enjoys collecting and/or wearing ties.