Sunday, March 11, 2012


This lovely tie sports a series of geometric designs on top of a very deep navy blue background. It's so dark that it's difficult to determine if it's black vs. blue, but under a bright light, it appears to me more navy than black.

The design comes in three distinct groupings. From the top down, first we get a series of red rectangles, each of which has a smaller black rectangle embedded inside it. These alternate in a checkerboard pattern with squares that are filled in with short lines running at a 45 degree angle to the up and down of the tie.

The second section of the tie is just filled in with 45 degree angle lines in rows, running in opposing directions in each subsequent row, creating a zigzag pattern.

Finally, nearest the bottom we have white rectangles on the navy background. Each white rectangle has a tiny rectangle the same color as the background bitten out of the right face, just above the bottom face.

So essentially, lots of nice regularly spaced geometric patterns, but because of the variations between sections of the tie, creating an overall impression of freedom within organized constraints.

The tie has two labels, visible if not entirely legible, in the scan. The manufacturer's label reads

Reg, U.S. Pat. Off.

The seller's label reads:

Since 1891
Tiftonville, Tenn.


phe said...

Hi Will
I,m Phe from Australia. i,m helping my dad sell his amazing tie collection for his retirement
Most are in their original boxes or unopened packets. None ever worn.
Gucci, Tiffany, Pierre Cardin.
Do email me on
I,d love them to go to someone who loves beautiful, individual ties
cheers phe

Will said...

Hi Phe,

Thanks for getting in touch about your dad's ties. I'll contact you via e-mail to talk more about it.