Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Vintage Tie: Boxes with Feet

This is certainly an interesting tie! Splattered down the face of the tie flow a sprinkling of little tiny boxes, or squares, in a winding, curving path, kind of like a stream, or mayhap the Milky Way.

But that's not the most interesting part. Some of these little shapes have been captured inside larger squares, and these squares appear to have dancing feet on them. Very odd, indeed!

The tie also has one of those wonderful brocades woven into the fabric. Probably not very visible on the scan, unfortunately. The brocade takes the form of branching, curving vines with elaborate leaves growing on them.

The tie has two labels. The manufacturer's label reads:

Made in U.S.A.

The seller's label is a bit hard to decipher, using an elaborate cursive font, but it appears to say:

Williamsport, Pa.


Patrick Newhall said...

Hi Will!
My name is Patrick and I'm from Washington too. I live in Salem now, but I was excited to find your blog, because I am also an avid collector of vintage ties. I have about 50 in my permanent collection –- not all vintage ties, I also have a handful of more modern novelty one, but I'd love to send you a couple pictures sometime! It's hard enough to find other tie collectors, and we're essentially neighbors.

Will said...

Hi Patrick,

Thanks so much for your comment, and my apologies for overlooking it until now. I get WAY too much e-mail these days, and the notification of your comment got lost in the shuffle.

I'd love to see pictures of whatever ties you'd like to share!


Will said...

Hello. Domenic Troisi of Williamsport ran his own business called Troisi's Mens Clothing and Habadashery. He was my grandfather. He and his sons Robert and John are still living in Williamsport. Domenic immigrated from Italy through Ellis Island and landed in Williamsport.

Will said...

Hello Mary Martin,

Thank you SO MUCH for posting the information about your grandfather! I REALLY appreciate it. It is really intriguing to know about your family history, and the connection to one of the ties in my collection, which was apparently sold from your family's store.