Sunday, October 05, 2008

Thirties--Red Stripes

Here is the second thirties-era tie from the bag of ties I received last Sunday. This one is a more ordinary design, traditional stripes in red, black and silver.

The construction is very typical thirties, with no lining, just the tie fabric itself, with the design woven directly into the fabric, and a thin seam sewn all around the end, and edges. Off-center construction in the back, as you can see from the short end, where I scanned the back side, to show the label.

But as is also typical of thirties ties, the fabric itself is rich looking, with a brilliant sheen to it. The brightest red area of the stripes, and the silver line, highlighted as it is between two contrasting black lines, both glow and shine in a suitably opulent manner. That effect probably doesn't come through too well in the scan.

It's a J.C. Penney tie, as the label reads, simply:
Hand tailored

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