Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Taking a break

Hi folks, loyal readers, casual browsers, whoever you are!

I wish to apologize for the lack of any new postings since the beginning of November. I didn't intend to take this break, but I've just been ferociously busy, and haven't been able to find any time for scanning and posting new ties. Because of the busy holiday season, this unintended break may well stretch through the end of the year, and it may be January before any more ties get posted here, but rest assured, I WILL be back, eventually, sure as my name is WILL!

Thank you for your patience,



Anonymous said...

Hi Will,
Here's some Christmas ties I have.
Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Hi Will,

I've just discovered your blog.
I love those art deco american ties that I've seen sometimes on movies but never real size, real life. And it will be hard for me to find them because I live in a corner of South Europe called Catalonia, capital Barcelona.

I don't want to disturb you but It should be nice if you -or your many fan/friends- could help me telling me where I cand find such ties physically or, much better, by internet.

Sorry to disturb you and thank you for showing me your ties. I just feel jealous!


Will said...

Hi Jim,

I'm sorry I never found the time to respond to your note until now. I loved your vintage Christmas ties. I've never been lucky enough to find any forties examples of ties with Christmas or winter scenes on them, other than my winter tree: That's the one I believe you said where you had the spring version of the same tie. Anyway, thanks for the links. If I'd been more with it, I've have posted them in a blog entry during the Christmas season. I just didn't get to this blog at all during that time.


Will said...


Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you enjoy the ties in my blog. The best way to find ties like this today is actually something you can do from where you are! I'm referring to eBay, of course.

Here's a search I use, which usually turns up a few nice ones. But you have to wade through a lot of junk, even with this search:

(vintage,swing,retro,40s,"40's") wide tie* -skinny -narrow -"clip on" -"tie dye" -"bow tie*" -poly* -70s -"70's" -1970 -1970s

Give it a try, and see if you can find and bid on any you like.

Good luck!