Sunday, April 26, 2009

Basic Blue -- Backside View

This tie is SO ordinary, so plain, so basic blue, that I decided to show you the backside, rather than the front, in order to demonstrate a point about the construction of some older ties.

The tie is made of wool, virgin wool, to be sure, but wool all the same. It has no pattern, no design, nothing hand painted or otherwise imprinted on it. Certainly no brocade woven into the fabric of the fabric (ha!). So why even bother to scan and post it?

Because it is indubitably old. The construction alone, says so. Note how it is unevenly folded over in back, with one side wide, the other narrow. This occurs on both the wide and narrow ends of the ties. This type of construction is typical of 1930's era ties, which are almost ALWAYS constructed that way, and some early 1040's ties, as well. But by later into the 40's, most ties were constructed with a more evenly divided fold in back, although many 40's ties still had a slight overlap, one side over the other.

Another clue to this tie's age is the lack of any type of lining. Most later ties had a lining of some sort inside, for stiffening, if nothing else.

The label reads as follows:
100% Virgin Wool,
The tie is in great shape, given its age, and makes a fine example of simplicity in form and function.


Funksauce Vintage Blog said...

Thank you for this lesson--love learning new things about ties!

Will said...

Glad I could help! But there's still a LOT I wish I knew about old ties that I don't know.

Thanks for your comment!