Sunday, November 01, 2009

Golden Teardrops

Another recent eBay acquisition, this beauty has a background that is somewhere between burgundy and brown, with golden yellow teardrop shapes splattered about, together with some teardrops that are lighter in color, lined with the background to create a patterned effect.

I wish you could see the brocade in this tie, but it really didn't come through in the scan at all. Parts of it are elaborate leaf and plant shapes, but another part shows a fantastical beast, which looks like a phoenix perhaps, or maybe a bird of paradise, or some other mythical or imaginary creature. The lower half of this bird-like beast devolves into what almost look like more leafish figures. It's quite an amazing image, and hard to make out with the naked eye, let alone in a scan.

There is one label sewed into the small end, which is faded, and difficult to read, but appears to show a small coat of arms, under which it reads:

Exclusive Fabric
Resilient Construction

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