Sunday, February 21, 2010

Silver, Green, and Red, on Maroon--Thirties Era

Here's another thirties beauty. Maroon is the primary background color, like so many others. I'm not sure if maroon was really a favorite color for men's ties in that era, or if it's merely a coincidence that so many of the thirties ties I have managed to collect are basically maroon.

This one has lightning-edged blotches of red and green imbedded in silver all over the tie. Like so many of my ties from this era, the pattern is woven directly into the fabric. The fabric has its own sheen, making it look rich and opulent.

If you look closely at each of the square-shaped blotches (that's what I'm callin them for lack of a better term), you'll see that the red or green starts bright, then fades toward a darker shade, and in fact, ends up the same maroon color as the background on the tie.

The short end of the tie has one label sewed in, which reads:

Hand Tailored

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