Sunday, May 14, 2006

Tropical Bird Plumage

So far I've put up ties with floral images, one tie depicting a fish, one with lanterns, and just last week, a tie that shows a folk scene from the Mexican countryside. But the majority of the ties have featured designs of a more abstract nature. Even the floral
images have been more decorative than realistic.

But continuing the theme from last week, if the theme be depictions of things that exist in the real world as opposed to abstractions, I present this fanciful peacock, illuminated by the glorious light of the moon.

One could debate, I suppose, over last week's image. Is that too, the moon floating overhead? Or is it the evening sun, sinking into the west? Whatever the case there, this is surely intended to be the moon here.

In order to display the picture in its entirety, I had to cut off the pointed tip of the tie, something I would ordinarily avoid. But I think it was justified here, as not showing the full image in all its splendor would certainly detract from the effect.

Notice that the small middle part of the tie is red, rather than navy, such that the knot would appear red, complementing the reds in the body of the bird, and the red feather highlights.

Inside the large end of the tie is the seller's label which reads:
J.S. Williams
San Jose
Inside the small end we find the maker's tag which reads:
Tropical Bird Plumage
Cheney Cravats
All silk

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