Sunday, May 21, 2006

White Crysknives on Red

This tie makes a bold statement with its pattern of white on a deep red or maroon color.

Unfortunately, the equally rich brocade pattern is not visible in the scan. You have to look really closely at the tie itself to make it out. Unless the light hits it just right, the brocade pattern is invisible on the tie itself at a distance of more than a few inches.

The brocade pattern is very similar, though not identical, to the shape of the white crysknife patterns that cover the tie itself. The use of the term "crysknives" is a reference to Frank Herbert's famous science fiction novel, Dune, in which the "natives" fashion knives from the teeth of the giant sandwords that inhabit their planet. That is what the white patterns reminded me of, and I couldn't think of anything better to call them.

The tie has a label sewn into the narrow end that reads, simply:

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