Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hawaiian Gardens

In recognition of the summer solstice, marking the beginning of the summer season, I present this tropical tie. Like Paisley Arches from three weeks ago, this tie has its design name, "Hawaiian Gardens" prominently printed on the small end of the tie.

I've had this tie almost as long as I've been collecting. It was a gift from my academy (high school) junior and senior year roommate. He bought it at a Goodwill store in Portland, Oregon, along with another tie and a 40's era suit, as he reminded me in a recent e-mail message. The whole package cost less than $15 as he recalls it. He gave me the other tie, also, and I'll be featuring it at some unspecified future date, no doubt.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Will,

I was very touched by your Father's Day post. I cannot associate my father with ties.

I appreciate your association of a tie with the solstice, since I tried to do the same myself... and link to your piece.!888F7846604F191B!450.entry

Happy tying!