Sunday, June 04, 2006

Paisley Arches

Not too often does a vintage tie tell us straight out the name of the design. But this one does. Right on the narrow end, plainly printed, are the words "Paisley Arches."

And once you look at the design on the tie, especially sideways, you see that yes, indeed, there are arches, and they are filled with paisley patterns. How's that for a little alliteration? Plentiful plainly printed paisley patterns produce a picturesque piece.

On occasion, when wearing this tie, upon receiving comment upon it, I have attempted to engage the commenter in the activity of guessing the name of the design, sort of in a 20-questions mode.

Q. Well, what are these patterns called?
A. Paisely

Q. Ok, that's the first word in the name. Now, what would you call this pattern, especially if you consider them sideways?

Rarely could anyone guess the "arches" part, however.

This fine tie has two labels. The first reads:
The second:
Champagne Crepes
by Siar

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