Sunday, September 10, 2006

Red with Starbursts

This is one of my favorite vintage ties in red. So where are the starbursts you might be asking? You may not be able to see them very well, since they are imbedded in the fabric itself, the brocade, as I typically refer to it.

You may be able to see the starburst shapes a little better if you click on the image to enlarge it slightly. Look especially at the small end of the tie, located on the right. The shapes seem to show up best there.

This tie is similar, so far as I can recall, to one that I lost, one that I bought when I made my first ever purchase of vintage ties as a collector. The other tie I bought at that time is the third tie I posted when beginning this blog back in January of 2006, the one I titled "Shades of Purple." This is NOT the tie I bought with that one, but that lost tie was somewhat similar to this one is design and color, as best I can remember.

This tie has no manufacturer's label, but it does have a seller's label which reads:
Billing, Mont.

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