Sunday, November 05, 2006

Autumn Leaves Number Six

The leaves on this beauty are somewhat more restrained than on some of the previous entries. Just three of them, one in each panel. They appear to be oak leaves. The ones on the yellow panels are half red, half white, in a pattern reminiscent of a harlequin costume.

The one on the red background is half yellow, and half white, the same color as the scalloped designs running up the right side of each of the three panels, although it is difficult to see the color difference on such a small leaf, even on the original tie. I've posted a closeup of one of the leaves, to make it easier to see.

The fabric of the tie contains a beautifully visible brocade pattern of leaves and vines, although they are not necessarily autumn leaves. One could argue, I suppose, that this is not an autumn tie at all, and perhaps I am guilty of excessive association, putting almost all of my ties that depict leaves into the autumn category. Your comments are welcomed.

At any rate, this is a spectacularly gorgeous tie any way you look at it, in my humble opinion. There are two labels to transcribe. One, attached to the inside of the wide end, has in large letters:
and in smaller type, on a separate line:
The other label, sewed directly onto the fabric of the small end, reads as follows:
Resilient construction
Towncraft Deluxe Cravat
Fabric Loomed in U.S.A.
I've separately scanned and loaded a picture of the labels for your edification. These labels are somewhat unusual, in that normally when two labels are present, one represents the manufacturer, and one the seller. In this case, it's not clear to me if the ARCO ROYAL label represents a seller or not. There is no location listed, as a seller label usually has. "Towncraft" is, of course, the well-known JC Penney men's apparel brand name.


Anonymous said...

Terrific blog--you have some really knockout vintage ties; thanks for sharing them! Just wanted to say that I have a 40s wide tie in a brown floral rayon, labeled "Arco Cravats"--I believe, as with your tie, that Arco is the manufacturer.

Will said...

Thank you for your comment! I guess Arco could be the manufacturer, under the Towncraft label for J.C. Penney.