Sunday, October 29, 2006

Autumn Leaves Number Five

Well, I missed getting a tie uploaded last week. On Sunday, the day I normally post to the blog, I was en route to a week-long leadership seminar, and I had no opportunity to scan, photograph or post a tie. I had hoped I might get it done a day early on Saturday, but there were just too many other things I had to attend to that day, so it didn't happen.

I considered loading two ties today, and backdating one to last Sunday, but eventually decided against it. So I missed a week. Big deal! I'm sure the world will survive. There aren't more than a handful of people checking this blog on a regular basis, and I don't flatter myself to think that any of them will suffer too much from enduring a week without a new tie here.

So, this week's tie might well be described as the ultimate in depiction of autumn leaves. An endless procession of leaves, small in the distance, and growing steadily larger as they progress toward the bottom of the tie, brightly colored in orange and yellow--what more could one ask for in depicting the vibrant colors of the fall season?

Certainly this tie could easily symbolize the current state of affairs in our yard! I raked the leaves in our small back yard this afternoon, and they made quite an enormous pile. We've had some good stiff wind the past few days, and the several large maple trees in the vicinity are shedding at a furious rate, albeit with many more leaves yet to come down.

This tie is a relatively recent acquisition. It is one that my wife found somewhere, if I recall correctly. It has no extant labels to transcribe. There is also no brocade pattern woven into the fabric. What you see is what you get.

The second picture shows the entire length of the tie, which gives a better perspective of the diminishing size of the leaves as you travel up the tie. The scanned image, shown first, provides a better appreciation of the tie at its widest point, nearer the end.

As a postscript, I received notice this week that my blog has been linked by the Collectible in the area of Men's Vintage Clothing & Accessories. Certainly I appreciate the link!

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Jim said...

I wondered what happened.....

I have a similar one and it looks great with a dark green shirt.