Sunday, October 15, 2006

Autumn Leaves Number Four

Here's another example of autumn leaves in autumn colors, more or less. The background is a deep dark brown, while the leaves themselves are in shades of gold and silver. Kind of like that verse from Proverbs I cited on a previous entry.

I'm going to have to upload at least 2, maybe three images of this tie in order to do it justice. That's because when I shot it with my digital camera, the glare was so awful that the color varied drastically from side to side, and many of the leaves and portions of the background appeared drastically washed out.

So I reverted to my scanner. But this tie had two elements, both of which need to be shown, and only one of which at a time fit on the scanner bed. So the first image shows the primary lower portion of the tie; the second image shows the higher up portion as it approaches the place where the knot would be, and the third image, from the digital camera, puts it all together so you can see how the tie looks when tied. But trust the two scanned images for the color and detail.

Not (or should that be "knot") to mention that this tie also has a lovely brocade pattern woven into the background of the tie. You may actually find the brocade pattern easier to view on the digital camera image, where the flash and glare do contribute to making the pattern more visible.

How to describe it? You could almost say that it is made up of a series of necktie shapes, laid out next to each other in a curving row, with little triangles between. Or you might say (given the time of year) that they resemble a jack'0'lantern's toothy smile. They are intriguing and give the tie an additional flare, whatever you might think they look like.

This tie has a manufacturer or designer's label, which has the words
ARTcraft Creations
placed inside an artist's pallette, and the words
Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.
below. You can see the label on the second scanned image. All in all, a very nice tie, albeit just a bit worn, and losing some of its original resiliency.

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