Sunday, January 14, 2007

Red Spiderweb

Here's the second in my series of thirties era ties. I had real trouble with the color in scanning this tie. To my eye, under an incandescent bulb, admittedly, it appears to be a more maroon shade of red than it shows up here. It's not maroon, just a maroonish shade of red.

What this tie has in common with last week's is the jewel-like quality of the fabric and design. Each spiderweb pattern has a little blue fabric jewel set right smack dab in the middle of it. They are only barely visible in the scan, I'm afraid. Click on the image to load a slightly larger view.

The spiderweb patterns themselves are made from a shiny silver colored thread, and the base fabric also has a lustrous shine to it. Opulent is a good word to describe the overall effect.

This tie is a fairly recent acquisition to my collection. In order to scan it, I took it off the dry cleaner's tie card it had been hanging on for the past several months. Which means I probably haven't ever worn it. My wife found it at one of her junk store haunts. Like pretty much every vintage tie we find, we sent it off to the cleaners first thing.

This tie has one label, shown in the scan, although I'm not sure how readable it is there. Even when I scan the labels, and provide a closeup view, as I've done for several ties in the past, I still transcribe the label text in the blog itself.

Why? For the benefit of the search engines, if nothing else. Google can't index the text in a picture, not yet, anyhow. Well, I probably shouldn't go so far as to say they CAN'T, but as a rule, so far as I know, they DON'T. By including the text of the label in the text of the blog entry, I insure that someone who might be looking for that brand, or label, will find my blog entry.

Anyhow, this tie's label reads as follows:
Reg. Trade Mark
Gold Bond Cravats
Resilient Construction

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