Sunday, January 28, 2007

Red Paisley

No tie last week. I was out of town, not that far, but there was no time or energy for blogging, not to mention that I didn't have access to my scanner or tie collection in my hotel! I was attending the American Library Association's Annual Midwinter Meeting, which was conveniently held in Seattle this year.

Not only did I have umpteen meetings to attend, in some of which I had a significant leadership role, my body chose this moment to rebel on me, and I came down with my second dose this season of the "stomach flu," more accurately known as gastroenteritis. Not fun, I assure you! But I couldn't go home and collapse, since I was staying in a hotel, and had all those meetings to attend! Sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do.

Well, here is my third 1930's era tie for your appreciation (or not, as the case may be). It is really difficult to capture the real look of these opulent ties. On the surface, they can appear fairly boring. Just another red tie with paisley designs evenly spaced across the surface, you might well be thinking.

But if you could see this tie in person, in real life, you'd be impressed by the richness of the fabric, and the designs which have an almost embroidered look to them. Machine embroidery, to be sure, but the effect is rich, sumptuous, gilded and luxurious!

It is also difficult to capture the true colors accurately. To my eye, this tie is really a slightly brighter shade of red than it appears here, but the green is less so. It should have more of a grayish towards turquoise color, and less green to it. I play with my photo editing software, adjusting the color balance, hue and saturation, brightness and contrast, but to little or no avail.

This tie has no labels to record.


Allan said...

Is this tie for Sale. If so please contact me:

Will said...

I suppose ANY of my ties is for sale, if the price is right!