Sunday, February 04, 2007

Blue Beauty

Take a look at this blue beauty! Narrower than the other thirties era ties I've posted, but just as dramatic in its own way. This tie has an almost patchwork quilt like quality to its design. For once, I think the scan has captured at least some of the brilliance and opulence of the fabric in this tie.

This tie was a Christmas present from my wife, who found it at a little antique shop in downtown Olympia, Washington, with three more, one of which I may post next week. Another is a forties era, which will have to wait until I decide to slide back into that decade, which won't be for a while yet. And the final one looks like a homemade tie, perhaps from the sixties. Attractive in its own way, but not appropriate for the blog at this time. Maybe someday.

We need to go back and check out the antique shop again, as they told my wife they thought they had more vintage ties, but that they just weren't sure exactly where they were. In a box in their storage somewhere, undoubtedly.

It's rare for labels to have survived in these thirties era ties, and this one is no exception. That is to say, there are no labels in it. And I've yet to wear it. I'll have to find the right outfit and occasion! I have a pair of navy corduroy slacks which have a bit of a sheen to them that will probably work nicely, perhaps with my gray-blue shirt. Time will tell.

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