Sunday, February 18, 2007

Maroon and Silver

Here's another Christmas present tie. This was part of the group of ties my wife purchased from the little antique shop in downtown Olympia, and gave me for my Christmas present from her. See my post from two weeks ago for the first one.

I'm not happy with the color cast from the scanner, and despite all I could do with my graphics editor, I couldn't really get the on screen version to match what I see when I hold the tie in my hand. Of course, I'm looking at the tie under incandescent light, and often colors look different than they do under either sunlight or fluorescent light.

The real color is more of a classic maroon than what I've captured on the scan. The contrasting patterns are fairly accurately captured, shiny silver, with occasional blue streaks in amongst the silver.

Not much else to say about the tie, except that like most of these thirties vintage, it is narrower, and looks fairly prosaic until you get up close and examine it carefully at close range. Then its brilliance and glamor become more apparently visible. No tags to record.

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