Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lilly Dache "le repos"

Here is a truly interesting and unique tie from famous designer Lilly Daché. The famous French/American designer, who lived from 1898 to 1989, was most well known as a milliner, a hat designer, but she also designed other accessories, and eventually dresses, and men's accessories, like ties.

I'm not sure the design of this tie really fits in my current theme of ties depicting "real things" as the images on the tie may not be all that realistic. But they are at least anthropomorphic. Some of them resemble African masks, and the reposing figures near the top and bottom of the design remind me at least a little of one of Henry Moore's reclining figure sculptures.

I've created a composite second image showing the Lilly Daché logo which is located on the face of the tie itself, near the bottom, and the various labels,. One of the labels, printed directly into the fabric of the tie, and located on the reverse of the large end, lists the name of the design, "le repos" meaning "the rest" or "the repose."

The other two labels are sewn in. The Lily Daché label is sewn onto the reverse side of the large end, just up from the printed label described above. It has the word "soie" (French for silk) printed vertically along the left side. Then the word "Original" in a fancy script, followed by "Lilly Dache" with "Paris - New York" along the bottom.

The other, the seller's label, is sewn into the small end of the tie. It reads "Meier & Frank Co. Portland, Oregon."

This is one of my favorite vintage ties, due to its unique design. However, it is definitely showing its age, and is fraying quite a bit along the bottom edge. Thus, I allow myself the pleasure of wearing it only rarely.


Anonymous said...

What a delightful website. I have collected one designer almost exclusively, but occasionally deviate when a vintage tie strikes my fancy.
I love your Lilly Dache "le repos". Thanks again for an eye appealing break. GRB

Jim said...

It reminds me of a Countess Mara.