Sunday, May 11, 2008

Another from the thirties

No tie got blogged last weekend. No time. My apologies to anyone who cared enough to check the blog.

I believe I've exhausted any and all ties in my vintage collection that depict actual things from the real world. So now we're back to abstract designs of one sort or another.

Back in 2007, to kick off my second year of blogging ties, I featured my somewhat limited collection of thirties-era ties. I say somewhat limited because at that time I only found twelve ties to post that I believed to have originated in that decade.

Now I'm presenting another, which I have acquired at some point since those ties were featured here on the blog. In fact, this is a fairly recent acquisition, although I don't remember for sure if it turned up this year, or sometime last year. My wife found it at a thrift shop somewhere, and acquired it for me.

I'm not sure how well the colors will show up in the scan, on a computer screen. It appears somewhat dull at first glance, but a closer look reveals the usual glamor associated with ties from this ear. The pattern on the tie is woven directly into the fabric in a kind of embroidery manner. And the lighter colors gleam and glisten in the light.

I'm highly suspicious of the shape and width of this tie. It does not appear even in width as you descend toward the point, actually narrowing slightly, which is not normal. Looking inside, there is about an inch of fabric tucked in above the point. This tucked portion narrows dramatically as it ascends. If one were to unstitch the tie, and refold and repress it, utilizing this tucked in portion, the tie could be made to have a dramatic flare in width at the end, just prior to the pointing in at the bottom. I suspect it may have been like that originally.

The tie has one extant label sewn into the back of the short end which reads simply "Resilient Construction."

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