Sunday, June 08, 2008

Thirties Tulips

Here's another thirties beauty that I missed the first time around. Or I may have acquired it since then, I'm not sure.

These stylized tulips appear in a lush chocolate brown with copper highlights on the petals, against a richly brocaded, almost iridescent background of ice blue stripes overlaid on a background of the brown, which shows through the edges of the stripes.

Brown seems an odd color for flowers, but they are more stylized than real, so I suppose the color doesn't matter all that much.

The tie has one label, which is sewed into the small end of the tie, which I've shown in the scan. It reads
SN Cravats
I'm sorry no tie got posted last week. For a church musician, such as myself, sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the weekend to get things done. I'm writing these words at almost half past ten on Sunday evening, when I should be in, or at least heading for, bed.

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