Sunday, May 31, 2009

Brown & Tan Clouds

Here's another recent eBay acquisition. It's a nice example of forties color, style and design. It's not quite in the first rank so far as opulence goes, without any background brocade pattern woven into the fabric, but the fabric itself is shiny and glossy, as typical of so many forties ties.

The tie seems to depict a brown sky full of stylized brown and tan clouds. The entire tie has an orangy cast to it, one of the favorite color schemes of that era. Back in January I posted links to several ties utilizing this general range of color. Not to mention the "Orange and Brown Rosettes" from a couple of postings ago.

This specimen has two labels extant:

Resilient Construction
Towncraft Deluxe Cravats
Fabric loomed in U.S.A.

reads the first one. The second simply says

Fidelity Cravats.

Both labels are shown in the scan. Well, that's it for this week. Chores are calling (like gathering up and taking out the trash) and we still have to go on our walk.

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