Sunday, May 10, 2009

Orange and Brown Rosettes

Here is another very nice forties vintage tie, which came from another eBay purchase. In this case, two ties were bought in a batch. I don't recall the price, and am too busy (or lazy) to look it up just now, but I am fairly sure it was more than I paid for the last four.

The basic pattern revolves around some vaguely floral patterns that I'm calling rosettes for lack of a better term. It's interesting that the brown dots make up the filler for the rosette shapes, but similar sets of orange/tan dots are just splotched onto the tie as kind of shadows to the darker ones, outside the rosette shapes, slightly above and to the left of each one.

The rest of the tie's design consists of concentric lines drawn around the floral rosette shapes, in ever widening circles, like the ripples around a stone thrown into a pool of water. It reminds me of one of my favorite doodles when I was younger. I'd start by drawing a few randomly placed circles, squares, triangles, etc. on the page, and then begin drawing concentric lines around each one, until eventually they began to merge with one another, and the whole page would be filled with concentric designs, much like this tie.

The tie also has a brocade in the fabric, probably not very visible in the scan, except as a kind of shadowing here and there. The brocade pattern consists of paired straight ribbon like lines, about a quarter of an inch apart, moving toward and away from each other in a sort of diamond shaped pattern. Actually, you can see them on the orange part of the tie. This tie, like quite a few from the period, switches to a solid color (orange in this case) partway up the tie, so that the knot would be entirely in that complementary color.

There are no labels on the tie, so that's about it for now. See ya next week!

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