Sunday, March 07, 2010

Red and Blue Amoeba-like Blobs

When I started typing the title for this post, I inadvertently typed "blogs" instead of "blobs." Kind of a Freudian slip, I suppose, though don't ask me what it means.

This is another gorgeous tie from the thirties. Red and blue blobs, vaguely amoeba shaped, float about on a background of—guess what color? Maroon, of course. With silvery sparkles imbedded throughout.

I'll have to count up one of these days, but it seems like well over half the thirties ties I own have maroon as their primary color.

Each amoeba blob is paired with another smaller one, and one or the other of the blobs is cross-hatched. Sometimes it's the larger one, sometimes the smaller. The red blob is always bigger, the blue one always smaller. But whichever blob is cross-hatched, blue or red, also has a small silver dot, kind of like an eye.

Except that amoebas don't have eyes. Well these aren't really amoebas after all. Just blobs shaped vaguely LIKE amoebas. The blob which isn't cross-hatched, the lesser (not necessarily smaller, mind!) blob is mostly maroon in color, only without the silvery sparkles, with only a thin crescent edge to show that it is a blue (if smaller) or red (if larger) blob, as though it were in a kind of eclipse behind the more significant, cross-hatched blob with the silvery dot/eye on it.

What does this mean? What is the symbolic significance of this ornately realized design? Who knows? Does anyone care? Does it matter? What is the significance of life? Who knows? Does anyone care? Does it matter? Are these questions existentialistically significant? Who knows: Does anyone care? Does it matter? Is "existentialistically" really a word? Who knows? Does anyone care? Does it matter?

Now if any of that nonsense I've just written makes any sense to you, you're probably even battier than I am. And just how batty is that? Who knows? Does anyone care? Does it matter? Enough, already.

This tie has one label, sewed into the small end, as can be plainly seen in the scanned image. The label reads:

Chicago-Park Ridge

Who knows? Does anyone care? Does it matter?


Anonymous said...

Really unique and nice tie! Love the pattern and the colors. Looks '30s.

Lee Bartoletti
Los Angeles

Main Player Fashion said...

beautiful ties!