Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fancy Fifties Feathers

I think this is the first time I've put up ties two weeks in a row for quite some time! A major accomplishment for me, these days.

This is a nice examplar of fifties design. Are they really feathers? They could be leaves I suppose. The colors are shades of brown, red, and tan.

The background is solid brown, with no brocade. So it's not a fancy tie, just covered with those fanciful feathers. Probably not a terribly expensive tie when it was new.

The tie has one label, which reads:

Resilient construction
Towncraft Deluxe Cravat
Fabric Loomed in U.S.A.


Italian necktie said...

Really like the concept of feathers on a men's tie.

Will said...

I'm not sure why I called this one "Fancy FIFTIES Feathers" instead of "Fancy FORTIES Feathers." I think I was must careless at the time, as this is far more likely a forties tie than fifties.