Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rising Discs

Here's another vintage 40's-era tie, a relatively recent acquisition. How to describe it?

The basic background color is a kind of mauve (is that a shade of purplish gray, or a shade of grayish purple?). Yellow-gold colored roughtly v-shaped stripes go marching up the tie, and at the center of each, a round red disc shaped object, with a smaller yellow center circle, are rising out of the v.

These circles remind me very much of the old LP (long-playing) record discs. For those who remember that obsolete technology (though these days, I understand that LPs are making somewhat of a comeback, and they have always had their supporters).

It's not in the best shape, with noticeable wear here and there, and some minor staining. The tie has no labels extant for transcribing.

Until the next time . . . !

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Michael said...

This strikes me as awfully Oriental.