Sunday, June 20, 2010

Red and Gold Corners

OK, we're back to forties era ties. No more thirties, at least for now. This is quite a gorgeous example. I call it "red and gold corners" because the stripes all turn a corner near the bottom of the tie.

On top of this pattern are scattered pieces of smaller boxes (smaller than the size of box implied by the one corner that is visible), with scalloped edges.

This tie has a lovely brocade woven into the fabric as well. The brocade pattern is somewhat strange also. Vaguely diamond-shaped patterns with heavily rounded edges slightly resemble Caspar or some othe friendly ghost. Each one has four dots, like giant buttons, down the front.

This tie was part of an eBay purchase within the past several months. Unfortunately there are no labels to transcribe. Just a beautiful forties exemplar. Enjoy!

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