Sunday, May 23, 2010

Red Blobs

Blobs, that's not a very attractive name for this tie's design, but it's the best I could come up with. I mean, this tie is covered with blobs on several levels. There are big red and maroon blobs all over the tie, and those blobs are filled with smaller blobs.

Blob is an interesting word. Change one letter, and you've got blog, which is the medium in which I'm writing. According to one definition I read on the web, a blob is "an indistinct, shapeless form." So maybe these aren't blobs at all, since they do have shape. Most of them are at least vaguely circular in shape.

And they are fairly distinguishable. You can tell where each blob (if that's even what they are) begins and ends. So if they aren't blobs, what are they? Spots? Who cares? Let's talk about the tie, which frankly, is more interesting than those blobby spots that cover it.

What era is this tie from? I'm thinking it might be from the thirties, but frankly, I'm not sure. Why thirties? Because it's thinly constructed, with a very narrow seam around the edges, and no lining. And it's about the right width.

But, the pattern is NOT woven directly into the fabric, as most of my thirties ties are. And the construction on the back is almost (not quite) centered, not overlapping, or off centered like so many thirties ties. The small end is somewhat off centered, but the large end is only slightly so.

There are two labels, which provide some clues that could possibly date the tie more definitively. The first one is the seller's label, which reads:

Herbert Men's Shops
Stores All Over Town
The second label is presumably the manufacturer's label, which reads:

"Beau Brummell"
Ties the best
Made by Hand

Trademark reg.
U.S. Patent 1447090
A little Google searching on Herbert Men's Shops found ads listing them in a 1954 Life magazine, via Google Books, and a story about one located in Downer's Grove, Illinois, closing. The story is dated Sept. 13, 2007, but that particular Herbert Men's Shop opened in 1940. There are lots of other hits, which I don't have time to follow up on now.

The fact that a particular example of this men's clothing store chain opened in 1940 doesn't mean that others in the chain weren't open in the thirties. More research is needed. But I think it is safe to say that if this particular tie isn't from the thirties, then it is probably from the forties, or possibly even the fifties. One could check the patent number, and see when it was issued. That would give a "can't be earlier than" date for the tie.

Well, that's more than enough about this tie for today. I have places to go, things to do, chores to complete. See you later . . .

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Anonymous said...

I think that you're right in your evaluation--'30s--based on construction and labels. Interesting tie!

-L. Bartoletti