Sunday, May 02, 2010

Matched Pair -- Maroon and Violet

Here are a matched pair of slightly plainer patterned thirties era ties. And what is especially unique about these is that one of them at least, the purplish one, has apparently never been worn, since it still has the original packaging label on it.

The other one is frankly in better condition, however. The purple one appears to be faded, most likely from exposure to sunlight. You can see that the wide end of the tie, facing toward the top of the picture, fades toward a much lighter shade of color.

The label has a top hat, and a cane, depicted against a city skyline. The top hat itself has the words "Smart Style" on it. The center band of the label reads "Schulco Brand" and below, the label says "Selected Fabrics For Longer Wear." At the bottom left, across the end of the cane, is an eschutcheon device with the letter "S," presumably for "Schulco" on it. The ties have no other labels attached inside or out, just this one.

The ties themselves are classic conservative thirties design. The design is woven directly into the fabric, and the construction is very off-centered in back (not visible in the scan. The design itself is what I'm calling conservative, consisting as it does of thin stripes criss-crossing at 45 degree angles. in the scan you have to look closely to see the second set of stripes on each tie, the primary ones being considerably more prominent.

The bright dots on each tie are where the stripes intersect. On the purple tie, some of the paired dots are bright red, not really visible in the scan. Others are silver, and some are a pale blue. On the marroon tie, the paired dots are bright green, silver again, and the same marroon as the rest of the tie.

What's fun about these, of course, is having a matched pair. Many ties through the decades have been made with the same exact pattern in various colors, but these are more difficult to find and collect for historical ties, since rarely did one individual buy more than one color at a time. There are other examples here on the blog, but I don't have time today to link to them all.

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