Sunday, September 26, 2010

Uncle George's Autumn Leaves

In honor of the autumnal equinox marking the beginning of fall this past weekend, and in remembrance of my Uncle George, recently deceased, to whom this tie belonged, I present these beautiful autumn leaves.

George was my mother's oldest brother, a WWII veteran, and an honorable man, beloved by those who knew him. His son, my cousin, did me the honor of letting me select ties for my collection from those that he left behind, as something to remember him by.

This is a gorgeous addition to the large number of 1940's era ties that I have which depict autumn leaves, and I am grateful to add it to my collection. The tie has four leaves, two depicted in a purplish brown color, and two that are of a more reddish hue, shown a against a beautiful creamy yellow shade background, which sets them off in a striking manner.

Higher up on the tie, where the knot would have been tied, the background color turns a darker brown, matching the leaf color, and tiny oak leaves march across the tie in uniform rows, displayed in the yellow color which serves as the backdrop for the rest of the tie. Tied, this would create a striking contrast in the knot, making for a dramatic and stylish effect.

There is a seller's label, badly faded, and worn, sewn sideways onto the back of the narrow end, and visible in the scan. The label reads:

Hollywood Pants Shop
1630 San P___ [illegible] Ave.
Oakland, Cal.

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