Sunday, August 28, 2011

Red and Gray Scenery

Here's a nice tie that may have originally been a bit wider than it is now. When you look at the point of the large end, you can see how off-center it is. And if you could see the back side, you'd notice that it is folded almost all the way across the entire back side at the base. I'm fairly sure that someone refolded it, and ironed in new creases at some point. Probably in the early fifties, as tie widths started to narrow again.

The design is somewhat unusual, as it seems to consist of several different and separate sets of scenery. The one just up a bit from the point appears to depict tree trunks, and foliage. The next one, up in the middle of the tie, appears to show a body of water, perhaps, although what the gray splotches are supposed to be, I'm not quite sure.

The tie also has a brocade polka-dot pattern, with circles of various sizes scattered about. You can see them most clearly in the solid red areas.

The tie boasts two labels, shown on the small end of the tie, which read as follows:
Miller's Men's Shop
Santa Monica, Calif.
De Luxe
Made in California

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