Sunday, September 18, 2011

Green Geometrics

Here's a fairly ordinary forties era tie from my collection. 100% silk fabric (according to a label), but other than that, not very fancy or special. Why do I say that? Because the fabric is fairly thin, and has no brocade patterns woven into it. This was probably a fairly inexpensive tie in its day.

The tie has two labels, which in this case (somewhat unusually) are sewn into the back of the large end of the tie, rather than the small end, which is more common.

One label reads:

The Men's Store
Carson Pirie
Scott & Co.

The other label simply reads "All Silk"


Anonymous said...

I recently catalogued a collection of 500 ties in NC, but I dont know about dating them.
60'#s and 70s ties are fairly distinctive, but how to tell 30's from 40's from 50s? I neeed a tutorial! I imagine its in the construction and also the shape of the blades. I would love a little correspondence with you on this matter if you could spare the time my blog (
yours in hope, Anwyl

Will said...

Thank you for your comment. I took a look at your blog entries on the tie classification project you've undertaken. Quite fascinating!

I have my own ideas about dating ties from the thirties and forties, but I'm not certain that I can draw the lines definitively. One should probably study magazines and advertisements from the periods, and derive your classification scheme from that.