Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tropical Island

Well, this weekend we've been hit hard here with the same heat wave that has been hitting much of the rest of the country recently. It's been over 100ยบ Fahrenheit the past couple of days, much too warm, especially when your abode lacks air conditioning, as ours does.

So, I thought another tie with a summer theme would certainly be in order. I don't suppose that a palm tree necessarily signifies summer, but one generally thinks of the tropics and warm weather when you see one.

According to the apparently hand-painted label on the reverse of the wide end of the tie, this tie is "INDIVIDUALLY HAND PAINTED." The paint was encrusted with glitter at one time, but much of it has vanished over the years, leaving mere remnants behind. The tie's single label reads the same as last week's tie:
Fashion Craft

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