Sunday, July 09, 2006

Floral Paisley on Brown

There's not much really to say about this tie. It has no labels, unfortunately, and I don't remember exactly when or where I obtained it. I'm thinking it was a junk store find, relatively recent, i.e. within the past several years.

It's paisley on brown. The paisley's themselves have a vaguely floral filler, with leaf-like appendages that give the impression of a swimming creature such as a paramecium. I don't know how well they'll show up on the scanned screen image, but in between the paisley designs are a filler of black lines comprising a mass of connected small irregular shapes somewhat resembling bones.

This is the last of the prominently paisley designs from my vintage tie collection. I won't swear that there is nothing else paisley lurking in my closet, in fact, I have an entire tie rack of more modern paisley designs, but for the vintage ties, this is pretty much it. So let's review: here's a list (with links) of the paisley designs presented thus far:

Dad's Red and Blue Paisley--January 8, 2006

Paisley Arches--June 4, 2006
Green and Tan Paisley on Brown--June 11, 2006
Pseudo-Meta-Paisley from Hawaii--July 2, 2006

and now:

Floral Paisley on Brown

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