Sunday, August 06, 2006

Coral and Starfish

In one more nod to tropical themes, allow me to present this matched pair of light-weight Hawaiian style ties. Instead of a Hawaiian shirt, wear a Hawaiian tie!

I call them light-weight, because they are made of a very thin, silky slippery fabric, much like your typical Hawaiian shirt. Their bold white patterns on solid blue and red make a great splash of an effect when worn with a typical tropical suit, such as those made famous by Mark Twain or the Colonel.

It's lots of fun having the matched pair, although I'm not 100% positive where or when I got them. I'm thinking that I might have purchased them on eBay, or perhaps they were part of that set I bought from the vintage clothing store in Seattle (see my entry on the Burro, Sombrero and Hay Wagon), but I'm thinking not.

Each tie has a seller's label, stitched to the small end, about 5 inches up from the end, which reads:
and a manufacturer label stitched into the small end that reads
Made in California
You may recall that Elongated Ovals had the same manufacturer's label.

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