Sunday, August 27, 2006

Orange and Green with Triangles

The only possible connection between this tie and last week's is the color orange, and that's a tenuous connection, at best. I had to scan this tie twice in order to show you the entire design. My scanner bed simply isn't large enough, and I don't yet own a digital camera, although that situation may hopefully change soon.

In the first image, you have to look closely to see that the black lines which form the triangular design, somewhat reminiscent of suspension bridge cables, continue with another set down in the bottom forest green section, parallel to the large blank orange triangle.

And the primary reason for the second scan was to show the most interesting aspect of the design, which is how the lines all converge, and then diverge once again in the opposite direction, further up the tie.

This tie has both the sellers and manufacturer's labels intact. The first reads:

535 Broadway at Alder
Portland, Oregon

while the second is the familiar:

Fashion Craft

with the letters SN enclosed in a diamond shape.

On the reverse we find the usual:



Quigley said...

Scanning them looks probably flattens them out, too...correct?

Will said...

Thanks for your comment!

But, it doesn't flatten them all that much, because I don't typically leave them in the scanner long enough for that.