Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dark Green and Black

First off, I should probably apologize for my three weeks of absence here on the vintage tie blog. But everyone has to have a vacation once in a while. Even though only one of the weeks I was gone was really vacation.

So, for anyone interested enough to read this entry, the weekend of June 22 I was back in Tillamook, Oregon, where I lived for several years in the first part of the current decade. I played an organ dedication recital at St. Alban's Episcopal Church, where I served as organist from 2002-2004. That was fun, but also a lot of hard work.

The following weekend, June 29, found us in Anaheim, California, attending the American Library Association's annual conference for a week. The week following that, which included last Sunday, July 6, was the only "real" vacation in there. We spent that week in the Santa Cruz area, in California, visiting Arline's sister Kathy and husband Ken.

Relaxing, sleeping in, walking along the beach, and among the redwoods, making music with Kathy, who is an accomplished pianist and harpist--these were some of the vacation activities we indulged in. But now I'm back.

So what about this tie. I suspect it won't show up very well on computer monitor screens. It is a very rich fabric, dark dark green and black. It appears to be of 1930's vintage, as the construction is very like all of my other ties from that era. Off-centered seaming in the back, and with the patterning woven into the fabric itself.

There is one label sewn into the small end of the tie, and visible in the scan. The label reads:
Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.


MSegers said...

Glad to see your ties again. Since you seem to be the last tie-blogger standing (or, tying)... we need you!

Jim said...

I was wondering what happened, too.