Sunday, July 20, 2008

Black and Silver

My vacation in Santa Cruz, California, did have a positive side to it from the standpoint of this blog, to kind of match the negative side of causing a hiatus in posting. That positive side was our expedition one afternoon into several vintage clothing and antique shops, plus a visit to the local Goodwill.

The result? This tie, and another, both of thirties vintage, plus one forties specimen, and one skinny fifties/sixties tie that I decided to buy. None of those skinny ties have been featured on the blog as yet, but one of these days I'll get around to them, perhaps when I've exhausted my collection of the wider ones I prefer.

This is quite a nice thirties example, fairly striking in its monochromatic color and design. That is, the color scheme is monochromatic, not necessarily the design. What would that mean, monochromatic design, anyway?

What's nice about the design is that while it features sort of a traditional striped pattern, the stripes themselves are not all that typical. Instead, they are kind of wavy, looking like ripples in water or ice, or something. The fabric is so typical of thirties ties, with the pattern and design brocaded directly into it, creating a richly ornamental effect.

The tie has two labels sewn into the small end of the tie, and shown in the scan, although I suspect they are almost impossible to read. Frankly, the store label is almost impossible to read with the tie held in the hand. The letters have are faded and worn with age. the font is a little ornate, making it more difficult to make out. It appears to say "Ziecrach's." Under that, the city is plain: "Watsonville, Ca."

The second label, the manufacturer's label, reads "Hollyvogue" and "Registered." Which presumably means that "Hollyvogue" is a registered trademark. I have posted three previous Hollyvogue ties. You can use the search box at the top of the blog to locate them, but I can provide links here, as well. They are dated November 12, 2006; August 6, 2006; and May 28, 2006. It's obviously a California brand.

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