Sunday, April 09, 2006

Blue "crepe" ?

This is the next in the series of brushed surface style ties, this one in a bright blue with red and yellow highlights. My only complaint is that this specimen is not quite as wide as my favorites, measuring only 3 & 5/8 inches at its widest point.

I discovered (from examining vintage ties up for sale on eBay) that sometimes the fabric for ties of this style is described as crepe. I'm not 100% sure that the fabric of THIS tie (or the last two I've posted) should properly be described as crepe, but I just offer this as an observation.

Another thing worth noting is that if you tie it just right, theoretically, the knot will include the red striped section shown here on the narrow piece to the left. This is a common technique for these vintage ties, to change the fabric color so as to make the knot a different color than the rest of the tie, or to complement the primary color scheme in some way. Here the red of the knot would reflect the red highlights down the center of the tie, creating an interesting effect.

This particular tie is beautifully lined with an off-white satin finish fabric that has an elaborate floral pattern brocaded into it. Just inside the back, plainly visible if you turn over the large end of the tie, is printed

"Individually Hand Painted Pure Silk Made in California"

A label sewed to the inside of the small end reads:

"made and styled in california for Penney's."

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