Sunday, April 16, 2006

Gray with Rosebuds

This is the fourth and last, for now, of ties in this swirled matte brushed finish style which I've been featuring for the past month. I own at least one more tie in this style, probably the most spectacular of all, but am saving it for later, not to mention that it is currently mounted in a shadow box display, and I'll have to take it out to scan it.

This is the narrowest one yet, measuring only 3 inches across. I suppose this could mean that it is from a transitional period between the wide flamboyant 40's era and the ultra-narrow, more conservative 50's ties, but to be honest, I don't really know.

So what are the ten little red blobs which travel down the tie? They could be long-stemmed rosebuds, each with a pair of leaves just below the bud. You decide.

If you look closely (or download the image file and load it into image manipulating software so as to be able to zoom in on it) you can see extra stitching on the thin piece to the right, reinforcing the area which receives the most stress from being tied. This is a feature not found on most of my vintage ties, indicating a higher quality construction, perhaps.

The tie's one label reads: "BY d'Arsac PARK AVENUE NEW YORK", except that the "d'Arsac" is in a much larger display script font than the rest of the text, which is in a common block style.

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