Sunday, March 05, 2006

Orange Pseudo-Books and Vines

I have an entire rack of vintage ties in shades of orange and brown, of which this is one of my several favorites. I particularly like this tie because the featured rectangular shapes are reminiscent of books, even though in all honesty, I'm forced to admit they probably aren't intended to BE books. Close enough for me, the inveterate bookworm and librarian.

What more can one say about it? It has a lovely swirling ribbon brocade, which may be intended to depict vines and leaves in an abstract fashion. If you look very closely, right at the bottom of the bright orange bookish object, for instance, or right above and impinging on the top of the same object, you may be able to see what appear to be leafish objects curving off one of the ribbon vines.

Unfortunately, I don't remember where or when I obtained this tie. The label reads:

"Reg. U.S. Pat. Off."

which leads me to wonder just what aspect of a tie is patentable.

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