Sunday, March 26, 2006

Rusty Red and Yellow on Gray

This is an example of a quite different style of 40's era tie that I have enjoyed collecting. No shiny sheen with elaborate brocade woven into the fabric here. Instead, we have a more matte type of finish, featuring a sort of swirled background with free-flowing lines, on top of which are abstract colorful blotches of somewhat geometric design.

I don't remember when or where I obtained this tie. It might be another eBay purchase, I just can't recall. I have a few others in a similar style, and plan to put another of them up next week.

The tie has no labels, but inside both ends, the large end and the small end, on the lining fabric, is stamped the initials CWH. I would guess that these were put there by the tie's original owner, but I don't really know. They could be a maker's mark, I suppose, but not like one I've seen before.

This tie definitely shows its age, with some staining and wear. But it's still quite a dashing example of 40's style, and one that I get a kick out of wearing.

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