Sunday, March 12, 2006

Red and Blue Diagonals

Blue and red combined seems to be a favorite color combination for 1940's era ties. I've already posted one example, Dad's red and blue paisley. Here is another favorite of mine utilizing a similar color palette.

This one, if I remember correctly, I purchased on eBay back in the late 90's, probably 1998. That was when I made my first foray into online purchasing. I had fun buying several lots of vintage ties, also some stamps. My stamp collecting is relatively desultory, more off than on, but given more money, and more time, I'm sure I could spend more on both (stamps and ties).

This tie has a nice, albeit minimalistic brocade pattern, barely visible in the scan, if you look closely, consisting of paired squares, turned on their side, diagonally, reflecting the dominant pattern of the tie itself. That pattern of diagonals is laid out in diagonally oriented stripes.

How much more interesting this tie, however, than the typical plain colored stripes that are so prevalent in conservative ties: yesterday, today, and one assumes, tomorrow! Boo to those boringly traditional stripes, and hooray for colorful well-designed ones like these!

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Burl Veneer said...

Nice ties, Will! It's great to meet someone who likes ties as much as I do. I look forward to seeing the rest of yours as you roll them out. And thanks for the link!

Burl Veneer